I love this show. I've watched every single episode since season one. But I don't think I could be a contestant. I could handle the bugs. Losing the weight would be a bonus. But I think the cold and the rain would make me crazy. Sure, they're on some tropical island, but it seems like anytime there's a storm, they're all freezing and soaking wet. Sometimes for days at a time. So, no.

But if YOU can handle all the elements and everything that comes with being on "Survivor"- here's your chance!

WCCO-TV is holding a contestant search on Wednesday, March 13th from 11-4 during the Twin Cities Auto Show at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Participants would get a complimentary ticket to the Auto Show when checking in at the registration table. But there are a few rules you'll need to know first.  Find out more info and download the full list of requirements here.    Good luck!

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