The favorite Pixar movies for Minnesota faster than our seasons. Okay, maybe not that quickly but pretty close.

This year's favorite is different from last year and the year before. In 2018 it was 'Finding Dory'. In 2019 it was 'Brave'. For the 2020 COVID season it's...'CARS'.



Pixar's 'Cars' was not only the favorite Pixar movie in Minnesota this year, but was #1 in the country with 13 states. That is according to, and it's based on Google Trends of Pixar movies.

Other Pixars are movies that did well were of course, 'Toy Story' and the sequels did well. That is not a surprise. Probably the best series of Pixar movies ever. People also said they loved 'Up'. In case they needed that, you know, pick me up.

Here's how the top Pixar movies ranked nationwide:

  1. Cars: 13
  2. Toy Story: 9
  3. Up: 7
  4. A Bug’s Life: 5
  5. Finding Nemo: 4
  6. Ratatouille: 3
  7. The Incredibles: 3
  8. WALL-E: 3
  9. Incredibles 2: 2
  10. The Good Dinosaur

They're all great Pixar movies. A Bug's Life is surprisingly higher than I would have thought it would be, even though it's one of my favorites. On the opposite end, the 'Incredibles' was much lower than it should be. No Pixar movie has made me laugh as much as the Incredibles. Specifically the sequel and the Jac Jac scene.

But the biggest snub was the 'Monster Inc' movies. 'The Good Dinosaur' is better than the Monster Inc movies? Really?

My Top Three Pixar Movies:

  • Incredibles (both)
  • Toy Story Movies (all of them)
  • Monster's Inc (both)
  • See more here.
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