If you’re into haunted places, there are some destinations in Minnesota that you can check out if you’re willing to a make a one to two hour drive.

Explore Minnesota’s website has a great list of places to get your spook on during the Halloween season or any other time of the year.

Here’s a list of places you can check out from ExploreMinnesota.com.

Pipestone, MN

There’s a hotel called Calumet Inn that was built in 1888 and a guest died there in the 1944 Valentine’s Day fire. The spirit is said to haunt it. Sounds spooky.

Red Wing, MN

The Saint James Hotel.  I’ve heard of this before. A ghost known as Clara Lillyblad, who died in 1972, was the former owner and lived in room 310. People say she makes sure napkins and silverware are where the need to be.

Sauk Centre, MN

If you’re looking for strange sounds and weird happenings, you might want to check out the Palmer House Hotel. They offer tours and it’s ranked as one of the best places for eerie activities.

For more, go to ExploreMinnesota.com

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