Minnesota-St. Paul are the 7th booziest cities in America.

CNBC reports that Delphi Behavioral Health Group analyzed how much cities around the country collectively spend annually on alcohol and ranked them from highest to lowest. Minneapolis-St. Paul (considered one city in this report) ranked 7th overall with a 2017 expenditure of $754 per individual/household, which is actually an 11.5% decrease from 2016's $852 per individual/household.

While some cities like Las Vegas, New Orleans and Miami are commonly considered party cities, they amazingly didn't even make the top 10 list:

1. San Diego, California: $1,112

2. Seattle, Washington: $986

3. San Francisco, California: $875

4. Boston, Massachusetts: $823

5. Anchorage, Alaska: $788

6. Denver, Colorado: $771

7. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota: $754

8. Baltimore, Maryland: $724

9. St. Louis, Missouri: $684

10. Washington, D.C.: $662


Personally, as I look at the list of top 10, I'm not surprised to see Minneapolis and St. Paul ranked at #7. With craft breweries, cideries, wineries and distilleries growing in popularity across the country right now -- especially in cities like San Diego, Portland, Seattle, Boston, Denver and Chicago -- Minnesota and the Twin Cities are certainly also at the forefront of the trend. At present, there are 141 craft breweries in the MN Craft Brewers Guild (numbers have also been rumored as high as 170) 12 cideries recognized by the MN Cider Guild, 26 distilleries according to Distillery Trail, and 49 wineries according to the Minnesota Wine Guide. The Growler magazine offers a neat interactive map that shows every known brewery, cidery, distillery and winery in the state.


Whether making the list of Booziest Cities in the country is something Minnesotans should be alarmed at or celebrating I guess is up to you. For whatever it's worth, you can probably find me doing my part to contribute at the closest brewery! Salut!