I don't know how I first stumbled onto the TC Media Now YouTube page, but I do remember the first video I saw on their channel:

That could very well be the worst commercial for any sport, person or product that I have ever seen. I clicked on the user profile to see if there was any more gold to be found, and, was there ever!

Heck just type in the word "Stars" into the search bar and you get a ton of videos about the Minnesota North Stars. For example:

Here's KSTP discussing Herb Brooks leaving St. Cloud State for the Minnesota North Stars in 1987:

KARE 11 discussing a potential sale of the Stars:

You can type in almost any year (and a lot of dates within a year) if you wanted to watch your favorite newscasters from back in the day. There might even be a broadcast from your birthday!

Here's KARE 11 News from 8/2/88:



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