Yes, it's sad.  But Minnesotans are among the worst drivers in the country. And surprisingly, the ranking is actually an improvement over the previous year. Apparently we rank at the 6th worst drivers. I'm not going to lie. It doesn't surprise me... at all.

I'm sure that many of you would also agree. It's bad. From not going when the light turns green to drifting across lanes with no warning, to just straight up distracted driving,  There are also those who cross over one lane to the other while making a turn.  Stay in your lane!!


So, yes. I can see how we would have one of the worst driving records in Minnesota.  But, still not the worst. That honor goes to Maine. Why Maine?


But anyway, the ranking also comes from how many tickets were given out for texting and driving in Minnesota. That is so scary. I will admit to sometimes doing that while I am stopped...which also is a mistake. Mostly because of not paying attention. But at least I'm not moving. That can also create it's own issues. I try not to though.

Let's get better next year...mmmm k?