When the COVID quarantine happened, everyone found themselves adjusting and trying to create a new normal (at least temporarily). But that temporary situation, that was just a few months ago, might become the new normal.

Everything from going to work, to going to school, could be drastically different from here on out. What we knew as "normal" might be a thing of the past. The education system is one area that could see a significant change.

COVID changed our student's lives in an instant. One minute they were doing what they usually do --  and the next minute -- they're stuck at home doing this remote, distance learning and trying to cope with it.

Technology has helped with the transition as well as more parents working from home. But that doesn't mean that some students haven't had a difficult time adjusting, and the same goes for some states. Minnesota is one of the states that has had a more positive view on the issue.


From Authority.org
From Authority.org
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The map is based on recent data from twitter. It's comprised of tweets, hashtags, and keywords about people's feelings regarding distance learning. Based on that data, Minnesota was #2 in the country when it came to having a more positive view.

Here are the top ten states that have the most positive feelings about kids doing more schooling at home:

1. Virginia
2. Minnesota
3. Nebraska
4. Kansas
5. North Carolina
6. Massachusetts
7. California
8. Missouri
9. New Jersey
10. Idaho

With more people working from home because of the COVID pandemic, it's not surprising to see this. Especially with technology getting better. But not all states or all people are positive about it. Especially in the south.


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