A recent study determined that Minnesota's biggest pet peeve is slow internet. We disagreed...and we were right.

Zippia.com recently turned to the all-knowing Google to find the biggest overall pet peeve in each state. The overwhelming response by 15 states including Minnesota was "slow internet." While certainly a nuisance, we disagree; slow internet -- we don't think -- is a pet peeve as much as an annoying reality of life and certainly not Minnesota's biggest pet peeve! Pet peeves are things other people do that you may or may not find appropriate or considerate -- like placing a new roll of toilet paper facing the wrong direction (the back) or another person eating with his mouth open or talking on the phone loudly in a public place.

Eager to find out if our Central Minnesota listeners agree or disagree with the "slow internet" verdict, we took to Facebook to ask.

Here are what Central Minnesotans had to say:

"People who speed up to get in front of me, and then put on their signal." - Rick Sura

"Drivers who don’t use their blinkers or turn on their lights in rain, snow or fog!!" - Lynette Eder

"Slow walkers in crowds." - Linnea Lang

"People that have nothing better to do than bash other people online." - Julia Ann

While the final answer wasn't the type of answer we were looking for, it is pretty funny.

"That’s my pets name, Peeve and he weighs about 60 lbs," joked Nancy Johnson.

Slow internet was noticeably absent from the list. Check out this list of 10 pet peeves only Minnesotans will understand!

So, what's your biggest pet peeve?

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