As many people practice social distancing and stay-at-home orders, various challenges and trends have become more popular on social media.

In the past few weeks people have shared their first photo with their spouse/significant other, tried drinking beer from a raising garage door, and shared 10 unpopular things about themselves. One of the most recent trends I thought was kind of neat was people sharing about their first car.

According to the challenge, "Google the first car you ever owned and share a picture of it online." We took it one step further, asking listeners to share something they loved or remember about that car.

My first car (technically, it was my parents', so I didn't actually own it) was a burgundy 1989 Buick Riviera. It was as old as I was, and the air conditioning didn't work. I named him Butler the Buick. To this day I still have an affinity for Buicks (though I've never owned or driven one since).

See listeners share their first cars below (click on each post to read about it):

What was YOUR first car? Google an image of it (or find one you still have) and share it in the comment section of the Facebook post above!

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