Ah, yes, the day we've all been waiting for with bated breath and great anticipation is here -- the first day of the Minnesota State Fair.

Or, not.

Never one to assume that all Minnesotans love the Great Minnesota Get-Together, we took to the 96.7 The River Facebook page to ask Central Minnesotans why they won't be attending the fair this year.

Answers were as sorry -- and excusable -- as we'd expect:

"No shows I want to see at the grandstand...& I don’t like crowds...and I have to work...✌🏻" said one.

"I hate big crowds like that & it’s too expensive," answered another.

"Cuz I didn't win tickets this year, I can't catch a break and finances are sparse," replied a third.

The Minnesota State Fair runs Thursday, August 22 through Labor Day. Of course, you don't care, because you won't be attending.