We asked Central Minnesota what they thought about the talk of a National Anthem change. And, not surprisingly, nobody wanted anything to do with it. Here are the responses we got.

96.7 The River


Lee Greenwood's God Bless the USA - Lynn Jeffries Hallgren


Keeping the banner! No other choices for me. - Theresa Elayne


Absolutely do not change it!!!! - Patti Krebs


Leave it alone! - Lisa Zobach Stukey


Only the one we have now for sure - Arnie Barland


Star spangled banner - Carol Harlander


You don’t change the National Anthem. This place called the US has gone overboard. - Marilyn Ridlon Ross


Don't change it. Ever. - Elizabeth Schaefer


Let’s not go there! - Kathy Acker


Wackos. Hey 96.7, do you really need to fuel the fire? - John Jose


I wouldn’t change it - Nancy Updike Johnson


Wouldn't ... Plain and simple. You can't change history by erasing it ... Only doom the next generations to repeat it. - Carol Pohl


I have no problem with the Star Spangled Banner.... - Keith Morton


I have always wondered why “America the Beautiful” was never our national anthem. -  Dan Sullivan (Top Fan)


I wouldn’t! - Jason M. Mueller (Top Fan)


How about if you want to change the song go live in a different country - Sarah Anne Young


Why is this even a valid question? - Julia Ann (Top Fan)


Star spangled banner all the way - Nick Maurer


No way am i even going to entertain this question. This country has gone CRAZY. - Kathy Weisz Neumeister


Are you kidding me? This country has lost its collective mind.  "Imagine all the people...rioting in the streets...living in disharmony...woah oh..." - Krissy Gratke Gronau


I have a tough time believing that a change will happen, and certainly not John Lennon's 'Imagine.'

'America The Beautiful' is more of a realistic possibility. It was considered as a possible national anthem before 'The Star-Spangled Banner' became the anthem in 1931. I like the idea of 'America The Beautiful' being the anthem. The song is much easier to sing, the lyrics sum up the whole of our country more, and it's just a prettier song.

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