There's nothing I love more than a good Disney animated film. They were my life growing up, and are still a huge part of it now. recently did a survery to find each state's favorite Disney Pixar movie and Minnesota's is the sequel to Finding Nemo, Finding Dory! It turns out that 15 of the states chose that one as their favorite, and for good reason. It was a largely anticipated movie that didn't disappoint, and how could it with Ellen Degeneres as the lead actor? The Toy Story and Monsters Inc. franchises were also super popular from coast to coast, and each Pixar sequel is at least as popular as the first movie of its series, if not more so.

Utah has the most diverse taste in Pixar films, their state had a 7 way tie for the #1 choice movie. The tie was between A Bug’s LifeBraveCars 3Inside OutMonsters Inc.The Incredibles, and Up. In all fairness, how could a person choose between those movies, they're all great! Take a look at the map to see which states liked which movies the most and read the full report on the survey findings here!