With over 10,000 lakes in our state, it can be hard to be creative enough for each to have a unique name. It's just easier to call a lake as it is, and give it a simple name. Here is a list of the most common names for lakes across Minnesota!

  • "Clear" Lake - 13
  • "Eagle" Lake - 11
  • "Elbow" Lake - 7
  • "Fish" Lake - 10
  • "Horseshoe" Lake - 7


"Island" Lake - 9, plus a bunch more with the word "island" in the name

  • "Long" Lake - 27
  • "Loon" Lake - 7
  • "Rice" Lake - 10
  • "Round" Lake - 11

"Long" lake takes the cake for the most common name for a body of water in Minnesota. I grew up in Long Prairie and there were quite a few Long Lakes my family frequented, and you just never knew which one they were actually referring to.

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