"Don't Fear the Beer"...unless it's exploding.

Burning Brothers Brewing in St. Paul issued a public apology Wednesday in response to an ongoing issue with exploding beer cans.


"We would like to address a rather volatile issue that some of you have been experiencing. As some of you are aware, we have been having a problem with our beer cans exploding. This happens seemingly out of nowhere and no, there is nothing that you are doing wrong... It's not you, it's us. Needless to say, all of us at Burning Brothers are truly sorry for what has been happening."

The statement goes on to share that, with the help of "two different external, independent testing labs and contracting with a third-party Quality Control Specialist" they were able to attribute the cause of the exploding cans to a wild yeast strain, though they've been unable to pinpoint where exactly the strain is coming from. Under the circumstances, they're dealing with it as best they can:


"...we recalled multiple products from our distributor. We also destroyed the canned beer that we had in stock here at the shop. Then, we did everything we could to brew, can and replace product with new fresh beer."


To those who currently possess or have previously had the "offending product," Burning Brothers offers customers "complementary Pints or a Growler or mailing you a 4-pack...as a token of good faith and thanks for your support."

Many on Facebook have been quick to applaud Burning Brothers for their public admission and apology, saying that it's increased their love and respect for the brewery even more:


"Thanks for setting an example of how businesses should respond when things aren’t going as expected. Makes me like you more! Way to go." - Pam Bergerson


"Both times I reached out you responded quickly and professionally. You guys hands down have the best gluten free beer I've ever had. You're not losing this customer." - Matt Ando


"Top notch transparency! Couldn’t ask for a better Midway neighbour!" - Erin Pavlica

Exploding cans aside, Burning Brothers Brewing is actually very popular and well-known as one of the few breweries in Minnesota to brew great gluten-free beer. Read more about their story here.


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