Well that's one way to celebrate a birthday!

On his 34th birthday, Rick Aulie -- principal at Pine River-Backus Elementary School -- set a new unofficial world record for the fastest hole of golf.

Golfing at Whitebirch Golf Course at Breezy Point Resort on Thursday, July 26, Aulie completed the 503-yard, par 5 fourth hole in 1:39:20 (one minute, 39 seconds, 20 milli-seconds).

That bests the previous Guinness World Record of 1:50:6 set by Steve Jeffs of the UK, though it won't be officially recognized until all the paperwork is submitted to the Guinness organization, signed and approved.

Aulie got the idea for setting the record for fastest hole after seeing the video of Jeffs' record-setting attempt.

"I looked at it and thought, 'I could do that," he's quoted by the Brainerd Dispatch as saying. "I love to run. I love to play golf. I love a challenge. Put those three things together and here we are.

Following his accomplishment, Aulie said, "I just want to thank Breezy Point Resort and (golf pro) Mark Johnson for accommodating all this. Without him, this wouldn't have been possible. I want to thank my family, my wife (Rachel). I've taken her on every weird journey the last 10 years, whether it's all over the state or around here, and she's always with me."

In order to be considered for a world record, the hole must be at least 500-yards in length, the golfer must run the length of the hole himself, and he must finish the hole with the same number of clubs he started. Time begins at the moment of the first stroke and ends when the ball settles in the hole. According to the Brainerd Dispatch, Aulie completed the hole with a driver, 3-wood, gap wedge and putter.

A year in the making, Aulie's 34th birthday is one he won't likely forget.

You can watch a video of Aulie's record-setting attempt here.