Some Minnesota kids braved this week's polar vortex to attempt a world record for the coldest hockey game ever played.

WCCO reports that Thursday morning about 20 kids and their parents gathered at an ice rink in Rochester at 5:00am to play hockey.

Due to record-setting temps -- 30 below before windchill -- they only played three one-minute periods.

Mindy Burman -- a mom of one of the kids -- hosted the event in her backyard.

They’re making some awesome memories. They’ll never forget they came out on the coldest day in Minnesota to play hockey instead of just sitting in front of a screen playing video games or watching TV.


Despite the dangerously cold temperatures at Hockey Day Minnesota just a couple weeks ago (reports say it was -24 at first puck drop), there is currently no record for coldest hockey game ever played, and -- if the review process is approved by Guinness -- these Minnesota kids will have set the first of its kind.

No word on who won the hockey game, but -- then again -- that probably wasn't the goal!

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