I just found out, today, that professional disc golfing is a thing. I honestly did not know this, and I consider myself a pretty big sports fan who is aware of obscure sports. Take curling for example. I love Curling! I'm a HUGE fan. Even at my age, it's still a dream of mine to be on the Olympic Curling team (I have not given up that dream, yet).

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But honestly, I did not know about this professional disc golf thing. I must have been away from Minnesota for too long to not know this. I do remember when I lived in St. Cloud in the early 90s, we went disc golfing a few times at Riverside park shortly after it was first set up as a disc golf course. My friends and I always had fun there.

I also found out that there is a league for this professional disc golfing. People actually get paid for this. Again, I had no idea! It's called the PDGA. It's kind of like the PGA, but they wedge a D in there (the P and G are not fans of this.) There are also national rankings. WHAT?!

After seeing this, I dug deeper and found all kinds of stuff on YouTube where they have videos of the best shots, longest shots, and even tutorials on how to be a better disc golfer.

I absolutely love this. It might be time to abandon my curling dream and take a look at disc golfing more seriously.


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