If you've ever dreamed of growing a world record-breaking squash, here's your chance!

A new posting on Facebook Marketplace reveals a slightly unusual item up for sale -- squash seeds. According to the post's details, however, these aren't any normal squash seeds -- they're seeds from a "World Record Butternut Squash" grown in Anoka, Minnesota!

Chris Brown via Facebook

"I grew the 2 largest butternut squash ever grown," writes the post's author and master-grower Chris Brown, "and I grew them on the same plant! These are super mega genetics, and I have a few to sell!!! If you want to grow monster butternut squash that tastes great, you have found your treasure!!"

Chris Brown via Facebook

Brown goes on to brag about his squash plant, which "had been known to grow up to 40 pound squash" until this year, when he produced a record-setting 55.5 pounder and then -- three weeks later -- a record-breaking 65.10 pounder on the same plant.

Chris Brown via Facebook

Brown is now selling four-packs of seeds -- two from each record-breaking squash -- for $20. "Get the best and buy from the grower!!" he writes in the Facebook Marketplace post. He can ship the seeds as well.

It should be noted that despite Brown's claims, we've been unable to find any evidence or record for ourselves that his butternut squashes are actually record-breaking. His name does appear, however, in the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth's 2019 4000 Pound Club.

See Brown's full Facebook Marketplace listing for yourself here.

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