In last week's episode of Cold as Balls with Kevin Hart, Lindsey Vonn admitted to the comedian that she actually hates the cold.

Last week, Olympic Gold Medalist and Minnesota Native Lindsey Vonn joined Kevin Hart for an episode of his original comedy show Cold as Balls. "Chilling" in ice baths, the comedian and professional skier caught up to talk everything from her career in skiing to her nuptials with professional hockey player PK Subban, working with The Rock to her own Amazon original dog-adventure show The Pack.

Early on in the interview, Vonn made a comment about how she was thrilled to be a guest on Hart's show but not happy about being in an ice bath.

"I don't really want to be in a cold tub," Vonn said, "but, you know -- it's cool."

"What are you talking about?" Hart responded. "There's no better place to be."

"I hate the cold," Vonn retorts, "so there are plenty of places I would rather be than a cold tub."

Confused, Hart responds "Do you understand how backwards that is? Do you know what your profession is?" Vonn laughs and says the reason she moved to California after retiring was so she could be warm. "You spend your whole life chasing snow," she says, seriously, "the last thing you want to be in is snow and cold and everything that that encompasses."

Hart then asks where she's from, to which Vonn tells him Minnesota, setting the comedian off on another round of ridicule. "This is so stupid! You're from the coldest place on Earth! What are you talking about! How are you not accustomed to the cold?"

"I actually had heated pants by the end of my career," Vonn says, smugly.

Watch the full interview between Lindsey Vonn and Kevin Hart below:

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