He's already been nicknamed "The Flash."

Corey Wilmer of Oak Grove, MN couldn't sleep as storms passed through the Brainerd area Saturday night.

"I've always been afraid of storms so I was trying to convince myself to fall asleep and it just struck."

Suddenly, he felt a bolt of pain pass through his body as he was lifted in the air and off his bed; he had just been struck by lightning inside the cabin he was staying.

"We believe it hit the roof, traveling down through the siding here where it cracked and it happen to pass through me. The cabin took most of the lightning and I just took a part it."

Corey says when he got up, he couldn't move his shoulder, and his mattress was on fire. He dumped half a bottle of water on it that was nearby, but it wasn't enough. So he called to his friend who was somehow still sleeping across the room from his. Together with his step-dad, they managed to get the mattress out of the cabin.

He was taken to the Brainerd hospital where few people -- including his mom -- believed he'd actually been hit by lightning. "We didn't believe it. He was walking and talking and was fine. We took him to the Brainerd hospital and no one believed it, either, and said 'We have to see this.'"

It does sound too unreal to be true but for the spiderweb-like mark on his back, hole burned into his mattress, broken window and damaged electrical wiring and air conditioner unit.

"We have a happy ending story and a great one to tell," Corey's mom said.

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