With hopes that the worst of riots and protests are behind, one videographer has ventured forth to capture the raw reactions and responses of Minnesotans who have been working, fighting on or defending the front lines.

Following the murder of George Floyd, a videographer known on Youtube as Lightcast Photography has been documenting the protests and riots in Minneapolis and the reactions and responses from Minnesotans left to clean up and recover. In one video titled "Finding the Kindness and Raw Humanity Inside the Minneapolis Protests," he captures the painful scenes of hurt and destruction left behind -- scenes of firefighters putting out fires, buildings on Lake Street boarded up or burned down, the Salvation Army pouring water and coffee for those in need, black people pleading for change and white people praying nearby.

Another video -- filmed in the very middle of a peaceful protest -- captures a rousing and inspiring speech from a protest leader as he asks the crowd of around 500 to create a safe space and then invites the media to join him and capture what's really happening -- volunteering, donating, diversity and unity.

In yet a third video, Lightcast Photography asks Minnesota police and National Guard for their thoughts on the recent murder of a black man and the riots and protests that have ensued.

"I think what that cop did was wrong," says one law enforcer. "That's not how we're trained to do what we do."

"Hopefully with the protests and everything, the governor and everyone is talking about the oppressions we have had for so many years," says one black police officer. "So, it's about time for us to reverse the course and show America that everyone deserves a equal, fair opportunity and treated with dignity and respect."

Watch more videos from Lightcast Photography at his Youtube channel here.

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A Weekend of Twin Cities Protests in Pictures


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