ST. CLOUD -- St. Cloud’s population will grow by more than 900 today as St. Cloud State University welcomes students back to campus. Move-in day starts the “Husky First Four”. Four days of orientation, campus tours, and socials before classes begin on Monday.

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Katrina Rodriguez says an army of volunteers should have everyone moved in by early afternoon.

We have something called the “Husky Haulers”. Students, staff, and faculty sign up to volunteer and they help the students and families get stuff up to their room in 15 to 20 minutes, and then they can go and park.

Rodriguez expects most students to be moved in before a convocation address by President Wacker at 3:00 pm.

What should students remember?

Rodriguez says most students have been planning what to bring to their dorm room for months, but some things are usually forgotten.

Sometimes they packed clothing, but don't think to bring hangers. Those are silly things, I guess but really any personal items. Oftentimes students will bring some snacks but overlook dish soap. Those are simple things, but those are some things you don't think about.

The “Husky First Four”.

Move-in day marks the first day of the “Husky First Four”. It’s four days of orientation, faculty meetings, and socials. Rodriguez says it’s an important part of the introduction process.

They will have activities, they get to meet with their faculty, and they get a big ice cream social on Sunday, but then they also get to do some touring of the campus in terms of where their classes are. So it's really an opportunity both from a social perspective, to get acquainted with campus, and also getting to meet some of the folks in their academic program.

Classes begin Monday.

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