The current quarantine period has been trying on many of us, kids, especially. And while there have been negatives during this time, there have also been some positives. One of those positives for me, as a parent, is my 12-year old daughter, Kaiya has been painting a lot more.

She has been interested in acting, drawing, and painting for many years. But it's been the last couple of years that she has shown some talent. It's been fascinating watching her "skills" get better. When it comes to painting, she likes to take an abstract approach. I'm a fan.

I am not the kind of parent that tells their child they must have a particular type of career. But then again, I'm a radio guy, so there's that. All I ask of my children is to do what it takes to achieve those dreams: Hard work, drive, and determination. No matter what you want to do, dedicated yourself to it, work hard, and, of course, have the talent.

So while she has spent all this time at home, I decided to commission my young artist to do a few paintings that I could hang up in the studio. The only thing I said was to use the River's colors of green and blue as a base. I loved the result.

I asked Kaiya if I could share them, and she was cool with the idea. I decided to include not only the three paintings she did for me but some of her earlier work over the last couple of years. There's even one that is going to be my next tattoo, eventually.

I'm very proud of her. I hope you enjoy her paintings, even a little bit, as much as I do.



The Quarantine Paintings