With the 'Stay at Home' thing going on for all of us, we're looking for entertainment and laughs more than ever lately.

Honest Trailers always seems to deliver that and they dropped a new video this past week to provide some of laughs for us.

Pretty much everything they do (movies, television, etc.) is good and -- at minimum -- their videos should make you chuckle a little bit.

That's unless, in this case, you have absolutely no clue about anything Star Wars. If that's the situation, you should just stop now and we're sorry we wasted your time.

But you have you've gotten this far -- and we are surprised you have -- you might as well keep going.

It's the last in the Star Wars saga for Honest Trailers, "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker".

The two previous 'Honest Trailers'  films are below as well, in case you haven't seen them.