The Minnesota Lottery can get pretty creative when it comes to making fun games for us to play, but it's so much more than that. The latest scratch-off creation is the Veggie Garden tickets. They have some really cute little sayings on them too, like:

  • Bean There Won That
  • Ears To Winning
  • Peas Be A Winner
  • Lettuce All Win
  • Turnip The Cash
  • Cashed Potatoes
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The proceeds from sales of these tickets help support some pretty cool projects that promote sustainable farming practices. Some of the things that are being studied and supported include the design and testing of solar-powered robotic lawnmowers that help control weeds, which in turn will hopefully improve energy costs and lower the use of herbicides being used.

Soil health is important to all of us. The Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources was able to study and conduct more testing because of the program as well.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has been able to work on preventing invasive plant species that can threaten our farmer's crops.

And we all know that solar technology has come a long way, but the University of Minnesota West Central Research and Outreach Center located in Morris has been able to study ways to reduce the carbon footprint of Minnesota Dairy farms, all because of the funds that our Minnesota Lottery provides.

If you are going to get a few scratch-off tickets, don't go crazy. Gambling can be addictive. So play a little, enjoy it, and then move on. If you win that's great. If you don't, know that the few dollars you spent add up to a lot when we all support Minnesota farming practices through our Minnesota Lottery program.


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