My kid and I went to the Vikings game on Saturday because he doesn't know the difference between Kirk Cousins and Sean Mannion so it's a cheap way to get him to a game. Unfortunately for me, I do know the difference.

What is the justification for even playing a preseason game in front of fans if 100% of the starters won't even sniff the field. In fact, most players (like Justin Jefferson) didn't even bother to dress for the occasion.

There were thousands of folks in red 49ers jerseys at the game Saturday, with most of them sporting Minnesota native Trey Lance's #5 shirt. Some came from the young quarterback's hometown of Marshall, some who followed Lance's North Dakota State Bison in Fargo made the trip down as well.

The thanks they get for driving to Minneapolis, buying tickets and a jersey, paying for parking, etc? A chance to watch Nate Sudfeld lead the 49ers' fourth string against a bunch of guys who will probably be spending their days doing something besides football in the near future.

Once again we have completely forgotten that sports are meant to be ENTERTAINMENT for the FANS. You know, the ones whose money pays the players' bills?

Yes, I understand that the games are meaningless and no team wants its starting quarterback to be hurt in that situation. At the same time, there were about 50,000 fans in attendance who deserve better than to pay money to watch two practice squads bore them to death.

If the plan moving forward is to give the fans nothing, then charge them nothing to attend. Make it free for families who maybe cannot afford to get to a regular season game, or just cancel the preseason altogether.

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