Niagara Cave in SE Minnesota was just named Minnesota's bucket list destination by USA Today!

A list of 50 must-see destinations throughout all 50 states included the world's first solar-power lit underground cave system, located right here in Minnesota.

Back in 1924 --the story goes -- three pigs discovered a hidden cave system in southeastern Minnesota. They'd fallen through a sinkhole, and it was their squeals that led searchers to the previously unseen underground tunnels. Ninety years later, the cave system is owned by the Bishop family, who love showing off their farm's "basement" to some 30,000 visitors each year.

"It was named," Mark Bishop told WCCO Channel 4, "after the Niagara Falls in New York" thanks to the rare, nearly 60-foot underground waterfall in the cave.

Adding to Niagara Cave's renown is its reputation as the first commercial cave in the world to be lit entirely by solar power thanks to solar panels built in 2015.

Today, it's been featured or highlighted by Thrillist, Fox News, Business Insider, CNN, Travel Channel and more.

Visit here for hours, tour times and rates.

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