Credit seems to rule the world today. You could lose out on a job with bad credit. The cost of living is higher, including paying nearly double for car insurance in Minnesota!

Wallethub just released their review of insurance companies rates for those with bad/no credit. The rates across the country are all over the place, and Minnesota is near the top of the most expensive insurance rates for those with less than stellar credit.

They found that people with no credit pay 65% more for car insurance than people with excellent credit, on average. Drivers with no credit pay at least twice as much in PA, NJ and MI.

In Minnesota, those who have no credit, or bad credit, are paying 92% higher rates than those who have good credit.

So if you are not awesome in the credit side of things - where's your best bet? Here's who they found to be best-to-worst in the average different between premiums:

1. Geico (40% difference)
2. Progressive (55% difference)
3. State Farm (58% difference)
4. Allstate (79% difference)
5. Farmer's Insurance (102% difference)

In a nutshell, if you have no/bad credit, your best bet is to try Geico first, as you'll pay less for your lack of good credit.

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