We have been featuring 80s music for the past five weeks on ‘One Hit Wonder Wednesday Night Shift with Craig Allen’. And we’ve been going through the decade year by year. There have been some great songs -- including some, you haven’t heard in quite some time -- and some you completely forgot about. Tonight may have some of those songs that might make you say "oh wow!" as we spotlight 1985.

7 pm: Til Tuesday – “Voices Carry

Til Tuesday co-founder and singer, Aimee Mann, went on to have a relatively successful career as a solo artist in the alternative music world. She provided the female vocals in Rush's "Time Stands Still" and almost the entire Magnolia movie soundtrack is all her music. She has released nine studio albums over the past 25 years. "Voices Carry still remains her biggest hit.


8 pm: Dream Academy – “Life in a Northern Town"

This is one of those "oh wow" songs. You could make an argument that it's more of a 1986 song than 1985. It was released in '85 but it did not even crack the Top 20 until February of '86 and peaked at #7 late February/early March.



9 pm: Scritti Politti – “Perfect Way”

Maybe the best band name ever. Certainly one of the most unique.


10 pm: Baltimora – Tarzan Boy”

Just like Dream Academy, Baltimora's "Tarzan Boy" is more of a song that is 1986 than 1985. It peaked at #13 the week of March 1st and was on the chart for six months. Featured in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Soundtrack and the Listerine mouthwash commercial.

11 pm: Yello – “Oh Yeah”

Billboard Hot 100 #51

Sometimes you don't need many lyrics. Just catchy music and a dude going "ohhh yeah". While it only hit #51 on the charts, "Oh Yeah" has become a staple on radio stations over the years and has been used in movies and TV commercials.
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