The NFL Honors were held Thursday, February 7th, ahead of the Super Bowl. As they always are. This year turns out Minnesota Vikings fans had plenty of reasons to tune in. I had honestly forgotten they were happening when my phone started blowing up that they had announced the Offensive Player of the Year (OPOY).

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Does it surprise anyone that the honor went to our star Wide Receiver Justin Jefferson? He had a stellar season, with leading the league with 128 catches and 1,809 yards. Take that along with catches like this memorable one:

and it was an honor well deserved. He beat out the likes of Philadelphia Eagles QB - Jalen Hurts, Buffalo Bills QB - Josh Allen, Miami Dolphins WR - Tyreek Hill and Kansas City Chiefs QB - Patrick Mahomes, to become the 4th Wide Receiver in NFL history to ever receive this honor.

Jefferson was also in the running for MVP, but alas that honor went to Patrick Mahomes. But a fun fact, he was the only player up for the award this year that wasn't a quarterback and it rarely goes to a different position other than a QB.

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While all that excitement was going on, though you might have missed that we learned Kirk Cousins can actually sing! Or at least does a pretty good job of carrying a tune and I wouldn't boo him if he was up singing karaoke. How do I know this?

Well if you weren't watching the NFL Honors you first off missed that Kelly Clarkson was hosting this year and one of my favorite things she does is Kellyoke. If you've ever been to a concert she'll do it there, where she'll do her own amazing covers of other popular songs.

Well last night decked out in a one of a kind sports dress that sported her team Dallas Cowboys (she's a Texas girl through and through), she was doing a little Kellyoke, when Kirk Cousins or I should say his alter ego "Kirko Chainz" showed up on stage with a request and this glorious moment happened.

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Who KNEW?! I absolutely love her surprise that he can actually sing, and feel that's a high compliment coming from such a powerhouse singer like her! All and all it was a fun event to watch if you were a Vikings fan. A congrats to Justin Jefferson and a thank you Kirk for a season of entertainment on the field and especially off the field. This fan will remember it always.

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