I've been threatening to buy a golf cart since last winter, and I might have found just the one.

This super funky golf cart was for sale on the Alexandria Sell Swap & Trade page and is sure to bring a smile to faces wherever it rolls. It was listed by the seller saying:

Very fun and unique Golf cart. Battery. Hate to get rid of it but don’t have room to store it.

For just $600 this rainbow beauty was sold almost instantly. As a matter of fact as I typed this story, the golf cart was being sold. I should've put in an offer the second I saw it.

The cart features a lime green paint job adorned with pink and purple flowers and a swirl pattern. The seats are a matching hot pink, and it reminds me of a Polly Pocket toy vehicle. I asked the seller what the story was behind the paint job and she said her granddaughter picked out the color and they had the graphics added after.

I feel like most people would be turned off by the unique paint job of this cart, but I love it. It's super unique and makes people do a double-take and smile. And who couldn't use a smile right now? We are living in a crazy world and this ride is all about peace, joy, and a pop of color. It would look great cruising through the neighborhood, or on the golf course.

I really hope it ends up at a home that will appreciate it and use it to bring joy to people. Spread love and kindness in any way you can, even if that way is through driving a psychedelic golf cart.

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