Any dog owners out there that are also home owners? There could be a problem you are experiencing with all the snow we've had this year. If you haven't had it yet, it's definitely one you should be aware of in the future. Just in case.

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My boyfriend and I being new puppy owners, and wanting to find a place with a backyard eventually, we too can learn from this. I was on one of my favorite socials to peruse, reddit, when I ran across this:


Built a six foot fence to keep our heeler in..
by u/stillnotkim in minnesota

At first I chuckled a little but then I realized, that could be a real problem for some people who might not actually have thought about it. With all this snow we've gotten around certain parts of Minnesota, there are some homeowners who have had to dig part of their backyard out to let their dog roam.

But as this dog/home owner points out, if the dog gets smart it could easily get out and roam around to who knows where. Our little mini-aussie is a smart little cookie at 5 and a half months, and he absolutely Ioves to go-go-go. Probably wouldn't take him long to discover he could run FREEEE in a situation like above.

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Which is why I wanted to show the problem to other dog owners who might not have this problem of too much snow in a backyard yet, but might one day. Be aware, as you might have to walk your dog out on a leash at that point so they don't disappear on you. Hopefully, you haven't experienced that and you never do. For some this is a silly reminder, but for others it might be an Ah-Ha moment.

Keep those fur babies safe and Carry on!


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