We've been waiting.

After Moondance Jam announced the first two bands for Moondance Jam 2020, Night Ranger and the Beach Boys, people have been waiting for new acts to be announced ...and waiting...and waiting.

Even after weeks and weeks went by, and many of our favorite music artists announced summer tours for 2020...we heard nothing.

'When are you going to announce new artists so we can decide to buy tickets for one or all nights'? asked many Moondance Jam fans.

They said, 'soon...soon'.

Finally, Moondance announced earlier this week that Alice Cooper and Daughtry would be joining the music festival. But that's it. And those two, along with Night Ranger and the Beach Boys gives us a total of four.

As a comparison, by this time last year, they had announced seven bands. If you were thinking about going, that was almost enough to make you decide. But with only four bands, it's tough. Unless you go every year...no matter who is performing.

There's still quite a few bands out there with tours announced and they have openings available to be squeezed into Moondance Jam. Hopefully we hear more artists announced soon.

I'm excited to broadcast the morning show from there again this year.

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Photo by David Black
Photo by David Black