When you leave for work at the same time every day, you will notice the same people on the road every day.  Not everyone, obviously, but there will be those people who you see every day and you know the route they take, how they drive and so forth.

Sometimes there are just people who seem to not have any idea where they are going or how they are getting there.  This brings the question of speed.  Is it worse to go super slow or speed significantly over the speed limit?

I think the first one might be worse.  At least the second one doesn't necessarily affect me, unless there's a chance of an accident, but the super slow person will delay the other driver(s).  This is what happened.  I swear it took me five minutes to drive down Killian Blvd from University to the next stop sign.  This person was driving about 15-20 mph the entire way.  It's 30mph there.  Suspended license?  Drunk? Sleepy?I have no idea.

Next- the four-way stop.  Why can't people figure this thing out?  If you get there first. you go first and around in a circle, so to speak.  You don't just stop and go.  That happened last night. Came up to a four way stop, then another car stopped, she thought she could just go right away, we were there first and entered the intersection.  Apparently she thought she should be able to go first, for some reason.  As she started into the intersection slightly after we did, she stops and honks at us.  She obviously thought she should be able to go first.  Really?  What gave you that idea?

Or how about this- let's all make a left turn from the lane on the right of the TURN LANE!!!  I've seen this happen about 3 times in the last 2 days.  Like the person crossed over in front of the turn lane, where they were supposed to be turning from in the first place. Who is teaching people how to drive?  Because I'm fairly certain these moves wouldn't be ok during a "behind the wheel" driving test. Or... are they driving without a license?  That's also a possibility.

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Roundabouts.  I probably don't need to elaborate on this one.  We all know people do not know how to navigate these things.

And finally, turn signals.  When did it become the norm to signal your turn AS you're are turning?  Thanks for the heads-up, buddy.

Ahhh... driving in St. Cloud, Minnesota.  Awesome.


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