It's not every day that you have an Author interview with someone so close to home. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of speaking with SCSU Graduate, Quentin Super wrote his first book in 2017 entitled, "The Long Road North"  about a bicycle trip he took with a friend while in college at SCSU all the way from St. Cloud to Canada. As you can imagine, he talks about the experiences and realizations that you have when you take on such a trip, the length of time it took to get there, and the stress that comes with such a daunting trip.

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His second book was released in May of this year, and is entitled, "The Long Road East."  This book also is about a cycling trip, but this time, the story is about him and his best friend Sam, who travel 1800 miles across the United States. It was a 7 week trip that had it's share of roadblocks, near death experiences, and realizations that Quentin has a true talent in his writing, take you along for the ride.

Quentin's new book is now available at Barnes & Noble, Target and on Amazon.

Quentin Super
Quentin Super




Quentin is originally from Osseo, and said that when looking for a college to attend, he couldn't wait to go to SCSU. It was known as "The party school" and he wanted to be a part of it. He learned so much more through his experiences at SCSU than he ever imagined.

Quentin is not only writing novels, but he is also a Ghostwriter, who helps other individuals tell their stories.


You can listen to our interview by clicking on the player below.


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