Do you have a great-grandma who lives in Iowa? If so, this might be your package!

NewAldaya Lifescapes Retirement and Assisted Living Center received a package addressed to "Great-Grandma" and it's the sweetest address ever. But at NewAldaya, there are many great-grandma's, so they don't know who to give the package to!

There's no return address, but it was mailed from Paynesville. So let's solve this mystery and get that package to the right great-grandma!  Spread the word!


UPDATE -- WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON:  A staff member at NewAldaya Lifestyles says they have now opened the package and it has the first names of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. "Unfortunately our records don't include all of that information!"

So the search for Great-Grandma at NewAldaya Lifestyles in Cedar Falls, Iowa continues.


Click on the Facebook post below to read the whole thread.




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