What are the chances that something like this would happen to any of us here in Minnesota?  A family of four, just out taking some holiday pictures, in their favorite Vikings attire; are photobombed by a gigantic man. Not just ANY gigantic man. This man happens to be an actual Minnesota Viking player!


Minnesota Vikings Defensive Lineman Harrison Phillips, number 97, was in the Maple Grove area recently, taking some engagement pictures, when he saw the Meyer family taking some photos in the same location, in their Vikings gear. Now honestly, why not get the real thing? Harrison inched over and took a photo with the family; who are huge Minnesota Vikings fans.

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Minnesota Vikings v Las Vegas Raiders
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You can see the photo and story below. The Maple Grove family who are huge Minnesota Vikings fans, couldn't have chosen a better time to take their holiday photo. I think my favorite thing about this picture is the look on their little boy's face on the, "Wow! That is!"

Want to hear more? You can watch the video below to see exactly what happened. Hats off to Harrison for recognizing the fans in the area, and making their holiday extra purple this year. Harrison, we hope you get a SuperBowl Ring this year!

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