ST. CLOUD -- The owner of the former O'Hara's building has a plan on how he wants to use the empty basement level. The St. Cloud Planning Commission held a public hearing Tuesday on a request to amend the Planned Unit Development for the location.  The request was approved by the Planning Commission and it now moves on to the City Council.

Global Center LLC wants to change the acceptable uses of the basement to include office, retail and place-of-worship. The existing plan only permits the basement to be used as a bar.

Image courtesy of the city of St. Cloud

City staff is recommending the approval of the PUD amendment, with conditions, including the parking lot needs to be restriped, the parking lots must be kept free of double-parked, abandoned, and improperly parked vehicles, the lower level of the building may not exceed 323 people, and a four-foot-tall fence has to be built along the southern and western boundary of the property.

The Planning Commission added two additional requirements, that there be a property maintenance plan to keep the area clean, and also that there be no loudspeakers outside of the building.

The Building Safety Department and Fire Department have reviewed the proposed floor plan and have found the request complies with code requirements.

During last Monday's St. Cloud City Council meeting the council approved a request for a plan to open a new grocery store in the former kitchen area of the old O'Hara's in the upper level of the building.

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