The city of Plymouth Minnesota plow drivers noticed many snow forts being made along the side of the roads in various areas. So they proceeded to tweet a warning to parents:

The tweet was not in reference to any type of incident but more of a cautionary warning to parents to be aware of this. Obviously this could happen anywhere in the state and with the fresh snow that we have gotten I could see where this would be very tempting for kids to use the snow from a plow to build their forts.

When I was a kid we had a half circle driveway and my parents had a guy plow which was awesome because we would have huge mounds of snow on the side of the driveway by my basketball hoop and we would make forts all the time. The difference was the snow banks were in my driveway not on the side of the road.

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Their is a certain level of danger with snow forts in that they can collapse and that is something that we were always aware of when I was a kid. We always made sure to reinforce the opening with wood or sleds for that very reason. According to an article from CNN back in 2016 a 13 old boy died after his snow fort collapsed and he was buried for 3 hours before he was rescued. As a parent it is impossible to be watching your kids every minute especially as they get older. So, it's really important for parents to communicate with their kids about how dangerous it can be building these forts and to take precautions.

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