If the cold snap we experienced early this week is good for anything, it is good for making snow out in Kimball. Powder Ridge announced on Facebook that they were able to start making snow for the upcoming skiing and snowboarding season.

First snowmaking of the season! We can’t wait to see you back on the slopes soon!

Tentative opening date is November 12th (weather permitting)! Stay tuned for more updates!

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I'm not sure how this snow will fare with temperatures soaring back up into the 60s this coming weekend (with a chance of rain), but I suppose any jump start on the snow-making season they can get is worth taking. There are lots of slopes that will soon need snow out there.

It was reported that one ski resort in Minnesota did have their early season opening day already this past week. Wild Mountain in Taylors Falls was the first to open for the season in all of North America. The earliest opening in the ski hill's history happened ten years ago on Oct. 7, and Tuesday's opening marked the second earliest date, tied with October 18th of 1992.

Powder Ridge is hoping to be open November 12th, and if the weather stays on the chilly snow-friendly side that is very realistic. Follow them on Facebook for updates. 

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