It was very clear that Prince didn't want his music on the internet. That's why he didn't have it available on iTunes, nor had a YouTube channel. That's all changed now.

You may have noticed that over a week ago, Prince has an official channel on YouTube. Prior to that, you could hardly find any Prince music on YouTube. Most of his music would get pulled quickly by his team, or by YouTube itself, for copyright issues.

Now that Prince is no longer alive, he can't make those decisions to not offer his music digitally. Speculation was that he didn't have a will, and so it's likely that he couldn't force the "digital music" issue after death.

Now that it's out there, it's likely the holders of his estate are planning to see a ton of new money come in from digital sources, like YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes.

If you'd like to poke around on the "Prince" official YouTube channel, you can go here.

Since his videos are online now, I might as well post a couple of my favorites!

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