Just in time for the holidays- Prince's estate will re-release 1999 with 35 never before released tracks all recorded around the same time as 1999.

Getty Images, Jonathan Daniel

If you are a Prince fan, or if you know someone who is, take note, the re-release will be November 29th of this year.  That also happens to be Thanksgiving weekend...black Friday to be more specific.  See- great gift giving idea.

The re-release will also include 3 different options.  The strange thing about this is that Prince's estate partnered with Warner Brothers to do the re-release.  Remember the whole SLAVE thing written on Prince's cheek when he separated from Warner Bros?  I guess they still have the rights to that album so that would be the only way it could be re-released.  But anyway- there will be 3 packages to choose from.

One package is being offered as a Super Deluxe Edition, and it will come with 5 CDs and 10 180g vinyl records that’ll have 65 cuts in all. Plus, 23 of those songs were recorded between November 1981 and January 1983.

It will also come with a DVD that shows Prince on the “1999” tour at the Houston Summit recorded in 1982 and an audio recording of a Detroit show, also taken from the “1999” tour that year.

Plus, the Super Deluxe package will have the singer’s handwritten lyrics for many of “1999’s” songs, including “Little Red Corvette” and rare photos of the singer as well.

Something for everyone!

Happy/Merry Purple Holidays/Christmas!  (making sure to cover most everyone there).