It's going on over 2 years from the initial 2 weeks to "Flatten the Curve" of Covid- 19 positive cases and symptoms.  And now we are hearing about a new "sub-variant".  Ok.  When does this end?  No one knows.  BUT people sure do have opinions on what will help to keep everyone "safe".  These opinions include the "stop living in fear", being called "sheeple", and a variety of other things that are super derogatory.  And these descriptions can run on both sides of this subject.

Now, we have heard about red wine possibly helping to weaken the symptoms of the Covid virus.  Hey- we've heard about taking the horse parasite pill, drinking your urine, drinking or injecting disinfectant, and a few others.  So, why not red wine?  At least it will taste good, unlike those other things, one of which could actually kill you if you did that.  I'll leave it to you to figure out which one that is.  (*it's the disinfectant, don't do that).

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I'm all on board for the wine (it works with white wine and champagne too) remedy.  But here's the odd thing. Apparently, the opposite is true of beer drinkers according to this study.

For beer and cider, the drinkers had 7 to 28% higher risks of getting Covid-19 regardless of the amount they consumed, compared to non-drinkers.  Spirit drinkers also had a higher risk of Covid-19 the more they consumed. 

I have no idea, other than what is reported in this study if it works or not, but hey, it's better than some of those other options...if you have chosen to not take the vaccine.

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