It's been 10 years since Video Update went bankrupt.

It's been over nine years since the last Video Update location in Eagan closed its doors. But the video rental chain's legacy lives on in a recently-resurfaced 30-second commercial. Dated 1994, the ad features all the wacky zooms and side-angle shots we loved about 90's television.

Remember the days when you could rent two movies on Tuesdays for just 99 cents? These folks do:

"There was a Video Update just up the hill from where I lived as a kid," shares Kichigai on reddit. "First room on the left were all the kids movies. I remember being so enamored with the Star Trek Ⅵ poster they had up next to the counter for-freaking-ever. Then they moved over to Vet's Field, much bigger location. The old building was torn down to expand the parking lot it was in. They stayed at the Vet's location until eventually being run out of business by Hollywood Video, and Hollywood by Blockbuster. No other business ever managed to hack it at that location."

"I loved this store," shares another on Youtube. "During the summer all of the kids in my neighborhood would bike there for 2 for 99 on Tuesdays for video game rentals. You don't have that anymore. That's something my children will never know but I'm sure my folks will say something similar about something they knew."

"This place was Heaven to me," shares another Youtuber. "The best locations were the two on Rice Street and the store on Payne Ave. in St. Paul... just glorious."

Below is one of the final, heartfelt Facebook posts from Video Update of Eagan, MN:

Do you have any memories of Video Update or another local video rental store?

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