Takeout food and restaurant leftovers may not be as easy as 'boxing it up' and heading home. A ban on these containers is being talked about all over Minnesota.

We all love when a restaurant has great leftover/to-go containers, cause we use them over and over again at home. They work great for big holiday dinners, when sending leftovers home with people. It's way better than having to use your expensive Ziplock food containers!

According to KSTP, lawmakers in a few Minnesota cities are discussing a ban on these take home containers, and most of the discussion is based on protecting the environment.

The cities of St. Louis Park and Minneapolis have an ordinance on takeout containers already, and St. Paul recently tabled the discussion for a year. The ordinance bans the use of plastic and Styrofoam take home food containers by restaurants. Instead, establishments must use recyclable containers that are generally more expensive, but environmentally friendly.

Don't get me wrong, we need to think about all the ways we can cut down on waste products, but I think there are other ways of dealing with this "issue" at hand without making it difficult to enjoy taking food home. Restaurant prices are getting crazy high already because of minimum wage hikes. Making them use takeout containers that cost twice as much is just going to raise prices to the consumer more.

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