We love our teachers! Each week, we surprise another teacher in their classroom. It's so much fun to see the look on their face, and the excitement of the kids when we tell them why we're there.

Sawyer and Samantha

This week's Teacher of the Week is Samantha Frank. She teaches kindergarten at Mississippi Heights Elementary School in Sauk Rapids. Jenn Murphy wrote us this awesome letter about Samantha:

Mrs. Frank greets the kids each day with a smile. My son Sawyer is in Mrs. Frank's class, and she knows how to connect with each student and make them truly feel special. She has pushed my son to continue his love of learning and holds him to high standards so he can continue to grow. Even when my son or another student might make a mistake or bad choice she turns it into a learning opportunity for them and lets them know she will work with them to help them do better. No matter how challenging a room filled with kindergarteners can be, she never let's that slow her down. She believes in each one of her students and will do everything in her power to help them succeed. My son loves going to school to see his teacher and see what fun things she has planned for them. They are even doing a "wedding" for the q and u to help the students learn that those two letters go together and make a special sound. It is complete with kids having special jobs that would be at a wedding. You can tell her heart is 100% into teaching her students.
Mrs. Frank also teaches targeted services- which is an after school program for students who need a little extra help -and she provides homebound services for a student that can not come to school. Mrs. Frank is an amazing teacher who is very deserving of being teacher of the week.

Many thanks to our wonderful Teacher of the Week Sponsors:  Great Harvest Bread, All-Star Trophy, Concrete Image Salon and Coyote Moon Grille! We couldn't do this without each one of them!

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