SARTELL -- Sartell officials are putting a strong emphasis this year on economic development, not just within the city, but for the region as well.

The St. Cloud metro area has many regional developments underway and Sartell's goal is to help grow their position within those projects, while shaping their own local opportunities.

Mayor Ryan Fitzthum says there's a lot of room for growth in Sartell and they want to have an active role when it comes economic development.

Sartell wants to be very intentional in some of those efforts. We are grateful for the business in our community today, and we want to attract more. We want to be intentional about supporting some of the entrepreneurial efforts and start-ups within our community.

Earlier this month the city council hired Amy Trombley as their Economic Development Facilitator. She says her role is to bring as many community partners to the table as possible who share Sartell's vision.

Finding those partners who are focused on economic, city and community development and determining what are the best steps moving forward and figuring out how these partners play together to support overall economic development in the area.

Trombley says her knowledge of the area and the relationships she's built over the years will be a big help in bringing the right people together.

An area Sartell hopes to develop in the near future is their Med-Tech district.

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