I was just checking something out on Google Earth when I noticed just how old their images of Sartell must be. They are at least five roundabouts short of coming up with an accurate representation of our fair city.

If nothing else, checking out the Google Earth images show just how fast the community of Sartell has grown over the past five years or so. A lot of buildings that seem like they have been around for a long time now were still just empty fields the last time these images were updated!

Here is our police department, where officers are free to bring their own chairs to spread out on the field I guess?

Be sure to stop by Sartell's Kwik Trip location to grab some grass or dirt on your way to work!

This entire block of Avalon Village is just a pile of dirt! This is what it looked like when we moved in almost a decade ago.

Come take a tour of some of the city's finest apartments. Just bring a tent and a sleeping bag and be sure to pay your rent on time!

The Central Minnesota Credit Union has a very innovative deposit policy that is similar to a wishing well. Simply throw your money on the field and hope for the best!

Google Earth

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