As I was kicking off all the crud from my car this morning, I realized that this was one of those feelings people in other states probably don't get, and wouldn't understand. Getting all that gross brown snow off your car is such a satisfying feeling, and it got me thinking about the other things that only Minnesotans get to feel. Here are 10 super satisfying things that only people who have spent time in Minnesota will "get".

1. Kicking your fender only once and watching all the snow boogers fall off.

2. Having just the right amount of ice melt to cover the driveway.

3. Stepping on snow that has been iced over and watching/hearing it crack.

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4. Pushing a Target shopping cart compared to any other shopping cart. They're just better in Minnesota.

5. That big breath of fresh air on the first warm Spring day.

6. Jumping into the lake on a hot Summer day and instantly feeling refreshed.

7. Finding a parking spot in the front row as someone is pulling away at the Minnesota State Fair.

8. Putting on clothing straight from the dryer on a below zero-day.

9. Going out in a snowstorm to get ice cream and taking that first big bite.

10. Being a kid and seeing your school name scroll across the TV saying it is closed for the day.

What is something you find super satisfying that ties into living in Minnesota? Go ahead and share it with me on our mobile app!

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