ST. CLOUD -- Good news for St Cloud State University athletics.

In an opinion filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court, SCSU was found in full compliance with Title IX athletic participation.

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The lawsuit started in 2016 when the university decided to remove men’s and women’s tennis and Nordic skiing. Athletes sued the university to keep the programs and make changes to some facilities. A U.S. District Court found the university had not been in compliance with Title IX since at least 2014 and ordered the university to make immediate changes.

While the court ruled that SCSU complies with Title IX, they are asking for additional information on the universities travel and per diem policies for more evidence of compliance.

In a statement, the university said:

“We are very pleased today with the finding that the University is compliant with Title IX participation requirements. We are looking forward to addressing travel policies and forwarding them to the Court and beginning to bring this case to a close in an expeditious manner. With this year’s milestone anniversary of Title IX and the University’s ongoing commitment to its core principles, SCSU’s Huskies Athletics will move forward with our current and highly successful programs. We are ready to support and cheer for our athletes for another exciting year of competition.”

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